Anything that causes an economic injury to your business through deceptive or wrongful business practice is considered unfair competition. Trademark infringement, violation of non-compete agreements, and misappropriation are just some examples of the unfair competition cases handled by Workman Nydegger.

Competitors can commit unfair competition in any number of way. Workman Nydegger will help you determine whether your competitors’ business practice constitutes unfair competition and strategize to build your case. Because what constitutes an “unfair” act varies from business to business, our team can help you work within your industry’s parameters.

Alternatively, if your competitors threaten you with a claim for unfair competition, we have the ability to successfully defend you in court.

In addition to trade secrets, employers invest heavily in building and maintain relationships between valued customers and employees, establishing market presence, and training.  Those assets are often protected by non-compete agreements that prevent employees from co-opting the employer’s investment for the benefit of a competitor.  Non-compete agreements must protect legitimate interests of the employer, and must be reasonable in duration and scope.

We have significant experience in enforcing reasonable non-compete agreements and in defending against overreaching agreements.  We have obtained preliminary and permanent injunctions for our clients, as well as large damage awards in this area.  Our lawyers are actively engaged in legislative efforts to retain the ability of employers to enforce non-competes and to require that non-competes be reasonable in scope.